Speaking on ‘The Boundless Lady’, Hayden Koh described the collection as “a modern take on traditional Chinese lingerie where strings are tied and bound to a woman’s body, representing the many restrictions placed upon women in society then”. Playing on the key ‘lingerie as outerwear’ trend that has been runway for multiple seasons and has bled onto street style, the pieces from the collection are silhouetted in Hayden Koh’s signature sharp tailoring, evoking some 50s-esque A-line skirts and bodices with plunging necklines.


The designer wanted to capture and celebrate the essence of a woman’s sexual liberation through apparel, all the while paying homage to the more restrained, conservative times. The empowerment and reminder came in the form of enclosing details, such as strings that tie the dresses and zippers that are meant to be undone. The festive looks are for the, “modern, sexy, and empowered woman”, says Hayden Koh.


The launching event models after an art exhibition at APW Bangsar, where the 12 looks are displayed together with stories of inspiring Malaysian women.

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