Graduated from Malaysian Institute of Art (M.I.A), Hayden Koh is one of the most promising young fashion designers in the local fashion industry with multiple accolades he has been accumulating.


Hayden Koh is a true believer when it comes to quality, taste and material choices as comfort is the primary element in all of his designs.


Hayden Koh’s design aesthetics are always kept minimal as he designs for the chic, contemporary and confident women. He envisions the wearers of Hayden Koh are the self-assured and expressively bold women.


Hayden Koh was launched in 2012, the eponymous label started by two young and hopeful individuals with a primary aim of providing a platform to make local fashion scene more accessible for the consumers. As of 2017, their team is expanding to support the label to reach new heights.


“ I want to empower women through my designs ”

by Hayden Koh

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